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My travels are half way done and it has been fun. I first went with some friends to the Mall of America it was a lot of walking but great fun.

Then my mom and I went to New York City to get a second opinion at Memorial Sloan-Kettering, and to see some family. It was great, the more and more I go to this city the more I fall in love. And I got great news from the doctor I saw. I learned I have been doing the right treatment so far, and that I should be able to get into a clinical trial that will hopefully help me, I also need to keep losing weight, and as long as I don’t have symptoms I just need to keep an eye on it. So now I continue the search for a doctor I like. I really liked the doctor I met in New York, and tomorrow I leave for Houston to meet a doctor at MD Anderson so we will see what they say and what I think of them. And then later in September I will meet my new doctor at St. Louis and see if I like her and what she thinks about my case. So more travels and more news to come.

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