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So I might loose some people because of this post but I really just want to get it off my chest.

Here I go:

Breast Cancer is not the only Fucking cancer in the world! I am sick and tired of PINK shit EVERYWHERE!! Yes breast cancer is a terrible cancer, but ALL yes ALL cancers deserve the same amount of research funding and awareness. And I am saying these things as a woman, and as some one who has two relatives who have survived breast cancer. But really, really enough with the pink. I was searching for just “cancer awareness” ribbons or items and I was harassed with pink. Enough. Oh and it really pisses me off when there is Pink shit getting sold in September when TEAL should be fucking EVERYWHERE! GURRRRR.

That being said I wish all cancers had the same awareness as breast. Did you know that ovarian cancer is most often found in the late stages because there is no test to find and prevent it. That means more women will die because the cancer wasn’t found until it was too late. I push ovarian cancer awareness because it is what i will most likely die from, and I want no one to have to go through that. I don’t want another mother, father, sisters, brothers, husband, children, wife to loose someone they love to cancer. 

So I am sorry if I have offended you. If you have breast cancer it is nothing against you, many of you have more fight and strength than I do, but it is the pink and the Susan G. Komen foundation that bothers me. It is the lack of attention to other cancers that desperately need the funds more than breast cancer. We have a test to detect breast cancer, but for others we don’t and I think to find a cure we need to check and prevent cancer before it can happen.

Life Interrupted: Facing Cancer In Your Twenties


by Sulieka Jaouad

an excerpt:

Young adults might just be oncology’s “tweens” — too old for the pediatric cancer floor but equally out of place in an adult oncology unit. I’m not suggesting that it’s worse to be young and sick, but rather that young adults with cancer are a less visible demographic, swept up in the mix of adult cancer statistics.


Meeting the Mayor

Today I met with the mayor of the town my college is in, thanks to help and support from the Women’s Center Director she was able to suggest a great site with a ovarian cancer awareness activity for the whole community to take part in. It is called “Turn the Town Teal” and they send out supplies to cities who have made a donation and gotten approval from the Mayor to turn the town teal. So after waiting a few months I was able to meet with the mayor and get him on board with this project. It was great too see and meet someone so willing to support a cause, not to mention offer ideas to make it bigger and better.

With September soon approaching it feels good to have one more goal taken care of, and the mayor is even going to sign a proclamation declaring September Ovarian Cancer Awareness month, pretty cool if you ask me!

For more information go to:

Teal is the new pink!

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