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Week 3

It has been awhile since I have updated this. And that is because things are going pretty good. The first weekend after getting my chemo was a little rough, and I probably pushed myself too much, but I made it through that weekend, and week. Now I am almost done with week 3. I get another dose of trial drug tomorrow, and then it will be another week off before starting all over again. I feel good other than being more tired, and some other little complaints, but I still have my hair, and I am able to keep in school and things like that!

Not much in other news, my grandma moved into the local nursing home, so that has been an adjustment for me and my family, but she seems to be doing good there, which is great. I went and visited her last Saturday and she has a very nice room, and seems to like it.

This week I am staying with a friend, and she is keeping me busy with her and her three kids and there fun schedules. I got to watch a swim practice, and take one of her kids to soccer practice. I am glad that I can help out and hang out with her, her kids and cats!

Yesterday I got to have lunch with a friend I made at the infusion center. We were able to catch up and chat about life and our nurse coordinator who doesn’t do a good job. It was great talking to her, and know that i am not crazy in thinking this person isn’t doing a good job. And I to see her AMAZING house, it was an incredible old house.

This trip has had its ups and downs most of those happening in the infusion center. But I have hope and direction again. I am now looking at what I need to look at, internship, and not what I will do after I graduate. So getting that back in focus has been good. I also know I want a cat when I get my own place in St. Louis, and that I probably need to be looking into that, because this summer will soon be here! But most importantly I am reminded of how I HAVE to take things one day at time, and on treatment days, really make no plan other than treatment. If I plan other things I set myself up for disappointment, and frustration, and I don’t need that.

Well that is all I can think of, but I wanted to give you all an update.


My travels are half way done and it has been fun. I first went with some friends to the Mall of America it was a lot of walking but great fun.

Then my mom and I went to New York City to get a second opinion at Memorial Sloan-Kettering, and to see some family. It was great, the more and more I go to this city the more I fall in love. And I got great news from the doctor I saw. I learned I have been doing the right treatment so far, and that I should be able to get into a clinical trial that will hopefully help me, I also need to keep losing weight, and as long as I don’t have symptoms I just need to keep an eye on it. So now I continue the search for a doctor I like. I really liked the doctor I met in New York, and tomorrow I leave for Houston to meet a doctor at MD Anderson so we will see what they say and what I think of them. And then later in September I will meet my new doctor at St. Louis and see if I like her and what she thinks about my case. So more travels and more news to come.

The eve of my 1 year Anniversary

One year ago I was in a hotel waiting to have surgery the next day, I thought it would be nothing major, but little did I know my life would change.

I hope to highlight some of those big days for me in the coming year. Although I don’t know how tomorrow will go for me, right now I already feel the panic setting in, and that tears not far behind.

But for now I will wait to go see fireworks tonight in the heat and post some photos of the fun I had the day before surgery.

We went to the Botanical Garden in St. Louis. I am acting as part of the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Driving away

Me and a Chihuly sculpture

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