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Surgery and what I remember

This is from “My Book”, or what I have written during nights when I couldn’t sleep and much more.

The big day came; I got up around 7 and got ready. I couldn’t eat or drink so my getting ready was quick without the need for breakfast. At a quarter till we headed to the hospital. We got there and checked in; they gave us a pager and told us to wait. I made some calls, because the surgical area had horrible reception. After about 45 minutes a volunteer took us up to the pre-op. There I got dressed, and hooked up to all the stuff, you know the monitor with oxygen, heart rate, blood pressure, and an IV. Then we meet a series of people, we met the doctor that would be assisting, the medical student who would be watching, the anesthesiologist, his nurse, a surgical nurse, and many other people. We waited and I got more emotional, nervous, and hungry. Finally it was time for surgery. I gave hugs and kisses, and then off went. It was freezing and I don’t remember much. They moved me to the operating table, and strapped my legs in and then put the mask on, told me to take deep breaths and I was out. I just know that the O.R. did not look like what I expected, but whatever.

            Waking up… What an odd feeling, I just remember having a really dry throat, thinking I couldn’t feel/move my legs, and just feeling great pain. The very nice recovery nurse reassured me and broke the news to me. The doctor had to take out my ovaries and fallopian tubes, with an incision, but that I still had my uterus and could have babies. I then got to see my parents briefly and then off to my room. I had a newer employee take me up so he was a little slow but did a great job. We talked, I really can’t remember about what, other than he was new to Barnes- Jewish. Mom and Dad were in my room when I arrived along with my nurse Rachel. They helped me get settled and went over how to breathe to prevent pneumonia. Mom and Dad stayed and I somehow managed to stay awake. We talked and I got to hear what they knew. I could only eat ice chips, but that was fine by me. I had a pain pump that I pushed about every five seconds. It hurt, but not unbearable. I think I told them my pain was a 6 when I woke, and it went away or got better with the morphine. Later Mom and Dad went back to the hotel, and I tried to sleep, although I was woken some to check on my and get my vitals. And then my Wednesday started with doctors visiting bright and early at 5:30, then more at 6:30 or so and my dad arriving around 7, and my mom at 8.

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