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The eve of my 1 year Anniversary

One year ago I was in a hotel waiting to have surgery the next day, I thought it would be nothing major, but little did I know my life would change.

I hope to highlight some of those big days for me in the coming year. Although I don’t know how tomorrow will go for me, right now I already feel the panic setting in, and that tears not far behind.

But for now I will wait to go see fireworks tonight in the heat and post some photos of the fun I had the day before surgery.

We went to the Botanical Garden in St. Louis. I am acting as part of the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Driving away

Me and a Chihuly sculpture

One Year

Hi Everyone,

I am back and rested from a very busy but fun trip. And to start up my writing again I wanted to celebrate or touch on my anniversary of first meeting my Gyn. Oncologist.

A year ago I went to my first of what would become many gyn. oncologist appointments. I met my doctor, told him my story and he did an exam and we decided that surgery would be my best option. Because of the size of the masses if I didn’t have surgery they could twist and cause damage to my fallopian tubes. We set the day of surgery for July 5th. I then had my bloodwork, chest x-ray, and ekg done for surgery. Afterwards my mom and I tried to make lite of the looming surgery and saw a performance of Legally Blonde the Musical. This would be the beginning of many trips to St. Louis and only a few weeks before my whole life would be changed.

So today I think of meeting one of many future heroes in my life, this one being my Gyn. Oncologist.

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