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Weight Watchers

I started weight watchers in Feburary, it has been a slow process, but today I finally hit my first personal goal. I have lost 20 pounds. Or what I like to call my Chemo weight. Chemo weight, you ask? Why yes it is a myth that all cancer patients lose weight do to chemo. I am one of the ones who did the opposite. I gained about 20-25 pounds in a matter of 18 weeks. I didn’t do this on purpose, quite the contrary, I wanted and have always wanted to lose weight, and I thought going through chemo would do that for me. Or at least get me started. But because I was on a steroid for 18 weeks I gained.

The problem with this weight gain was that I was already over weight, my BMI would indicate that I am obese and need to lose weight, so when I packed on 20 extra pounds I freak! And what made it even more pressing is the fact that my cancer feeds on estrogen, and even though I have no estrogen making ovaries, my fat cells contain estrogen, so my weight isn’t helping me fight this. So with the new year I started and tried to lose weight on my own, but by Feburary I was frustrated and ready to tell my doctor to f-off. But instead I asked what he would suggest. He said weight watchers or bariatic surgery. So I joined weight watchers, because I was not ready to in my mind give up and have surgery to do the work.

So thanks to my parents I joined and had been slowly losing, but once this summer hit, I finally lost 5% of my weight, and at that point I tasted victory and success. From there I have lost another 5 pounds, and I am now 10 pounds away from 10% which I hope to reach before I go off to college.

It hasn’t been easy, but I am happy, I am back to where I was for so long, and I don’t plan on staying there. And I now know I am doing this for myself, and for my health. Because I don’t want to feed the cancer cells any more than I have to. So thank you for letting me share, because I am happy and I am proud!

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