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First Week of School

My first week of my senior year is done, and I already had ups and downs. For the most part my weeks went great. I am moved in to a nice single room dorm, I have to walk to meals and class, but I am all for any extra activity I can get. I like most of my classes, or at least like the professors to that will make things a little less painful. I got my absence leniency done so now when I have to get medical stuff done my professors are cool with it.

I started volunteering at the Women’s center and right now it is a little crazy but a great way for me to spend two hours getting things lined up for September. What is in September you ask? Well it is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and I am working my ASS of to get some awareness things done! But that has also created some extra stress. I want to do something fun to get students involved but right now the main thing that needs to be done is funds raised, and what college student isn’t strapped for cash? So I had a major cry fest Wednesday, but now I am feeling good about what I am doing. And I will write more about that in September!

In exciting news I found out yesterday that I have lost 30 pounds! Which is really exciting to me! I can’t believe it really because I feel the same. Also in health and wellness news I started taking water aerobics and LOVE it! It is a fun way for me to move and not get sweaty!!! Which is even better! So I am trying to go to that twice a week and then today I went and swam laps which was nice.

So this is a little update on what is going on in my life. I am doing good and excited to see what comes my way!

Weight Watchers

I started weight watchers in Feburary, it has been a slow process, but today I finally hit my first personal goal. I have lost 20 pounds. Or what I like to call my Chemo weight. Chemo weight, you ask? Why yes it is a myth that all cancer patients lose weight do to chemo. I am one of the ones who did the opposite. I gained about 20-25 pounds in a matter of 18 weeks. I didn’t do this on purpose, quite the contrary, I wanted and have always wanted to lose weight, and I thought going through chemo would do that for me. Or at least get me started. But because I was on a steroid for 18 weeks I gained.

The problem with this weight gain was that I was already over weight, my BMI would indicate that I am obese and need to lose weight, so when I packed on 20 extra pounds I freak! And what made it even more pressing is the fact that my cancer feeds on estrogen, and even though I have no estrogen making ovaries, my fat cells contain estrogen, so my weight isn’t helping me fight this. So with the new year I started and tried to lose weight on my own, but by Feburary I was frustrated and ready to tell my doctor to f-off. But instead I asked what he would suggest. He said weight watchers or bariatic surgery. So I joined weight watchers, because I was not ready to in my mind give up and have surgery to do the work.

So thanks to my parents I joined and had been slowly losing, but once this summer hit, I finally lost 5% of my weight, and at that point I tasted victory and success. From there I have lost another 5 pounds, and I am now 10 pounds away from 10% which I hope to reach before I go off to college.

It hasn’t been easy, but I am happy, I am back to where I was for so long, and I don’t plan on staying there. And I now know I am doing this for myself, and for my health. Because I don’t want to feed the cancer cells any more than I have to. So thank you for letting me share, because I am happy and I am proud!

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